Financial services

change effectively.

In an industry where the game changes quickly, flexibility and adaptability are key. Major political events and increasingly detailed regulations require constant navigation, whilst the recent FinTech boom and push towards digitisation demand deep transformation and strategy remodelling.

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Revolving around the customer.

The financial services industry is experiencing a shift in orbit. Customers are more digitally adept, and technologies are now emerging that can meet their more complex expectations. As well as responding to external political and regulatory developments, financial service providers must embrace this changing landscape, and move from product-centricity to more customer-centric business models.

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Using data to reduce the operational costs of remediation projects.

Management Information: One of the UK’s top 5 banks

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Mark Davies , Financial services specialist

FS Innovation

We have seen slow innovation in financial services for the last 20 years, the next 10 years will see a new landscape that today’s consumer would not recognise.

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Chris brings a unique balance of high level strategic thinking and strong execution focus on transformation programs. Their team is culturally sensitive, demonstrating effectiveness across a number of emerging and developed market cultures.

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