Time for change.

On the horizon of the insurance industry are challenges such as technological inefficiencies, cybersecurity risks, regulation changes, climate change, and of course, competition, from both technology companies outside the industry and new Insurtech start-ups.

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Moving on from the legacy.

The insurance industry has long been encumbered by legacy systems and business models that today are unable to cope with the evolving demands. Knowing how to invest in new technologies and what to prioritise is therefore a vital part of modernisation, along with creating an effective change management strategy that will safely guide your organisation into the digital age.

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Design of innovation strategy & innovation process map..

$60B Global Insurance & Wealth Management Firm

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Chris Hafner, Insurance specialist

Changing the paradigm

Customers need to see insurance products and services as helping them (e.g. incentivising wellness) not simply as a hedge against themselves (e.g. paying claims). Insurers need to change the paradigm – not just digitise and digitalise existing customer journeys.

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What our clients say…

They delivered one of the best consulting engagements I’ve experienced and did it within the incredibly tight timeline the board gave me to work within.

Head of Innovation

£47B Insurance & Wealth Management Firm