Medical devices

Focusing on user interaction.

As the medical devices industry shifts emphasis from product innovation to patient experience, firms must focus on product interaction in order to make advancements and drive their growth in the market.

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Using big data to create bespoke strategies.

Harnessing big data to make personalised recommendations and the use of machine learning will bring true transformation to medical devices that have previously been difficult to use and not accounted for human error during use.


Investing in the future.

As outside competitors such as Google, Amazon and Apple enter the market, medical devices firms must think long-term. Investment in data analysis technology and enhanced data security is wise, as power shifts from traditional firms to optimised care management at an individual level.

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Innovation portfolio framework & governance..

$6.1B Medical Device / Healthcare Unit of Global Electronics Company

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Miles Collier, Medical devices specialist

Growth in the Life Sciences is creating huge opportunities

The Biopharma and Life Sciences markets are growing at an incredible rate thanks to advances in Research and Development in areas such as Medicine, Genomics and Imaging. Whilst this results in fresh opportunities, there is a need to maintain quality and work within regulations. At Grovelands, we have a deep understanding of working in these markets and have the experience to ensure that you are supported with expert services

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I would recommend this team as they are able to step into any business situation, be able to perform an insightful assessment and create a strategic approach of action immediately.


£6B Healthcare/Medical Device