Using data to reduce the operational costs of remediation projects.

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Client Story

Delivery summary

We invest considerable time understanding the client’s capabilities, the objectives they have identified and their culture to determine  the  skills they needed to acquire and the types of individuals that would succeed in their environment.

Key activities


The Challenge

Tackling difficult decisions about priorities.

Whilst the technical system skills required are relatively commonplace the knowledge required  to deliver the solution was very specific to the client’s project requirements. Despite engaging with a number of partners the client had struggled to secure suitable resource and at the same time were experiencing high attrition as talent was targeted by firms outside the sector and into the London market. This all happening at a time when the client was expecting the need for flexible resource to grow as more remediation projects started.


The Solution

Defining a future operating model.

Grovelands worked with the Head of Remediation Management Information to understand the skills required and build role profiles to bring a project team together, capable of creating an automated calculator that would reduce reliance on manual input and so mitigate the risk of inaccuracy.  By working closely with the client to understand what they were trying to achieve and then help source the best candidates in terms of background, technical experience and location we were able to build the team of up to 20 specialist contractors including Database Architects, Developers and Technical BA’s working within the team on complex remediation projects.


The Result

Mitigating potential threats & improving market position.

The bank has used the calculator as a template that has been developed to suit multiple remediation projects including PPI, Credit Cards, Store Cards for Mortgages to accommodate both internal systems and third party data. Across all remediation projects they have now saved over £40M in operational costs over a 2 year period.

Grovelands have built an extensive network of technical specialists in a challenging geographical area and have yet failed to complete a resource requirement in the past 4 years, successfully building a team of over 30 specialists.

What they said...

Grovelands and specifically Martin are one of the few companies I’ve worked with who actually take the time ensure the candidates are relevant to the role, it’s always been quality over quantity.  Over the past 6 years of working with Grovelands communication has been 100%, quality candidates are sourced and supplied quickly, and they’ve always taken the time to collaborate on joint messages, can’t recommend them enough.

Head of Remediation

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