The Grovelands model

Send in lean, agile teams that make the most of their talents. Create teams with the optimal blend of skills, experience, and support for the project at hand. Team up with award-winning recruiters to find the right people and fast, then leverage leading-edge digital tools to engage as many people as you want, and do it faster. Don’t charge the client more to do your job properly. Just make objective analyses and recommendations. Lastly, employ the kind of consultants who value their professional development – the kind who can’t wait to solve the next wicked problem that comes their way.

The Traditional Model

The traditional model

Send in large teams with narrowly defined roles. Increase your margins by using junior consultants with minimal support, then reduce operating costs by sending in whoever is available. Finally, upsell everything and drag the project out for years so you can keep on billing.

The GroveLands Model

Consulting services

One tradition we do keep: Our services

We offer the services you would expect from a management consultancy – it’s not what we do that differentiates us, it’s how we do it.

  • Strategy
  • Transformation
  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Digitalisation
  • Operations


Grovelands is open and fully functioning. Click here to see our approach to the COVID-19 situation