What’s so different about Grovelands?

OK, we get it: every recruiter says they’re different. Everyone says they’ll value you as an individual. But in reality, candidates often don’t have a great experience with recruiters when they’re looking for a new role.

This is because traditional recruitment agencies simply don’t reward recruiters for treating candidates well. The only real focus is getting as much commission as possible.

The Grovelands model works like this

  • Our recruitment consultants find great candidates with fantastic potential who fit their specialty and current available roles. They bring them into an active hiring process.

  • Next, they do what they’re best at: consult! They take into account the hiring manager’s requirements, the candidate’s skillset and needs, the timescale, and the situation at hand.

  • They then use their expertise to match the right candidates to the right roles, while delivering a great experience for all involved, because...

  • A few months or years down the line, our candidates often become our clients. When they need people, they remember the experience they had with Grovelands and bring their business back to us.

It’s all about the long term view

Our recruitment consultants are motivated to nail that great candidate experience, not just because they’re caring people, but because our long term model is fundamentally based on relationship-building: candidates become clients, and vice versa.