OK, we get it every recruiter says they’re different.

Everyone says they’ll value you as an individual. But in reality, candidates often don’t have a great experience with recruiters when they’re looking for a new role.

This is because traditional recruitment agencies simply don’t reward recruiters for treating candidates well. The only real focus is getting as much commission as possible.

The Grovelands model works like this

  • First, we spend as much time as needed with our clients to understand their business, the programmes of work, the challenges, and the capability gaps, as well as the required behaviours, skills and technical needs. These discovery sessions are the core to your success. They give us a vast amount of information to successfully match candidates to the client´s requirements.

  • Our delivery team spend time connecting with great people, with fantastic potential, who may be suitable to work with us on current or future engagements. We’re straight with candidates and will be honest about what we believe your suitability to the role is, if we don´t think that your skill set and personality will align with the project and organisational structure, we’ll tell you. Not to mention follow through on our promises – if we say we’ll call at 5pm, then that’s what we’ll do. When we think we’ve found a great match, we’ll then bring you into an active hiring process.

  • Next, we do what we’re best at: consult! We take into account the hiring manager’s requirements, the candidate’s skill set and needs, the timescale, and the situation at hand, in addition to sharing insights around market conditions and drawing out specific candidate attributes such as skill set and cultural and behavioural fit.

  • Once you’ve been placed into an assignment we’ll continue to have regular catch ups with you to strengthen the relationship and support you to achieve the objectives the business has set and help you with your personal development. We will continue to partner with you and the client to share feedback between both parties.

It’s all about the long term view

We’re motivated to deliver that great candidate experience. Not just because we’re caring people, but because our long-term model is fundamentally based on relationship-building, providing the right advice for the client and candidate, and fully understanding the demands and drivers of the business and candidates we are working with. In the end, it is about living our values from top to bottom both internally and with our candidate and client network.

The quality of our approach and the high standards we ask of our people have resulted in an extremely high Net Promoter Score. Our latest update was 76 which is considered world class and further proof that our model works!


Grovelands is open and fully functioning. Click here to see our approach to the COVID-19 situation